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Warrior Data Acquisition Systems
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Warrior 8 (P10V6) is now available to all Warrior users. One VERY IMPORTANT point to be made clear is that Warrior 8 requires a different license from Warrior 7 and earlier versions of Warrior 8 (P10V0, P10V1, P10V2, P10V3, P10V4, P10V5), in order to obtain the required license you will need to contact Scientific Data Systems, this does not involve any new hardware (see link below).

We have made upgrading from Warrior 7 automated, the installation will look to see if Warrior 7 is currently installed on your computer and it will backup your existing configuration (services, tools, presentation formats, and headers etc) and then import them in to Warrior 8. There is also a separate utility available to make these backups from Warrior 7 to then later be used as a restore source in Warrior 8.

Warrior 8 can install and run on 64bit Windows operating systems (including Windows 10 and and Windows 11) as well as 32bit versions of Windows as Warrior 7 could previously. There is an optional 64 bit only Warrior 8 installation but we have made the 32 bit Warrior 8 installation fully compatible with Windows 64 bit operating systems, if you are uncertain which version to download and install you should select the 32 bit version of Warrior 8.

If you already have an earlier version of Warrior 8 installed you can verify its product version using the Warrior Control Panel (see picture below).

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